Baptist International Ministry at American University’s Administrative Assistant Job Description

The  Baptist International Ministry at American University(BIMAU) is seeking for an Administrative Assistant (AA) to work for 15 hours on the basis of $11/hour.  Changes to improve the salary and number of hours might occur on the basis of performances and funds availability.

The duties of the AA will include:

  • Assisting in reaching out to students and friends of the BIMAU with our programs
  • Assisting in reaching out to friends of the BIMAU
  • Disseminating information about the BIMAU to local, national and international academic and faith based communities.
  • Assisting in designing and coordinating the spiritual, social and academic activities of the BIMAU
  • Assisting in creating and coordinating fund raising activities for the BIMAU
  • Helping in the weekly activities of the BIMAU
  • Co-supervising the BIMAU interns

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